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Privacy Policy

Conserving user’s privacy:

Parsian Mehr is proud of its users and visitors, by visiting this page you will get the strategy of Parsian Mehr regarding user’s Privacy and Policy.

Methods of Protecting user’s privacy and security :

Parsian Mehr gathers three states of information from users:

The general information of usual users and visitors of website, publicity information, as IP, country, system operation and…  saved as a default for the sake of organizational statistics.
The users wanting use Parsian Mehr free consultation, personal information, as first name and last name, email address are saved by Parsian mehr. Parsian Mehr keeps this information to offer further and better services to its users.
The information of Parsian Mehr’s clients, detail information, as accurate personal information and contact number to give them the possibility of getting the most advantages of our services.
Note: the right of protecting and using the gathered information in the stated platform is approved for Parsian Mehr company.
Privacy and security in Parsian Mehr is greatly high to prevent any kinds of personal information theft or abuse.
Parsian mehr separately sets a security contract and agreement for companies who are working with Parsian Mehr to protect Parsian mehr information. Thus, sharing information is avoided and they have to approve privacy and security strategy of Parsian Mehr.

An adjust in website’s Privacy and Security:

Due to this fact that the approved privacy and security strategies may see a change, Parsian Mehr notices his users, clients and visitors about any changes on its website.

Gathering information by using other websites:

According to this fact that a website may link to other websites, Parsian Mehr fail to undertake any responsibility and commitment regarding this realm. It is the burden of users to put privacy of websites under magnifier and study about them.

Websites Introduction Process:

There is the possibility of introducing this website to your friend on Parsian Mehr website. Having received your friend email, Parsian mehr will send the address of website to your friend and the email address of this person never save on this website database.

The Related Questions:

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