Web Design Interview Questions & Answers

Question: what is the difference of dynamic and static website?
Answer :

A static site is created of HTML codes that has the feature of being displayed to users. In fact, static sites are used when it comes to display a page to users and it is unchangeable. On the other hand, a dynamic site is written by using server-side languages such as PHP, ASP and etc. if you want to be able to change images, menus, information and… on your page, you need a dynamic site. Beside, in optimizing your website (SEO) dynamic webpages are needed instead of dynamic one.

Question: what are the advantages of updating website?
Answer :
Updating website information and content play a important role in achieving high google rank, therefore, it is worth being done update to increase your rank. Moreover, by updating your website's information, you attract your visitors attention to visit your page regularly. hence, Updating website not only helps your google rank, but also it increases your website traffic .
Question: what is alias?
Answer :

You may want to allocate additional domain names to your website and then set one of your domain name as a primer one, accordingly, other additional domain names are alias on your host. In this case, both your main domain name and aliases refer to on page.

Question: does host have different kinds?
Answer :

Host has 2 different kinds, 1) windows host. 2)Linux host

In windows hosting, operating system is windows and in the Linux hosting, operating system is Linux. The programming languages of these two server are different, for instance the programming language of Linux hosting is PHP and the programming language of windows hosting is ASP.

Another difference is in web server: the web server using in windows hosting is IIS, but in Linux hosting is apache. Although apache can be installed in windows hosting, IIS fails to be installed in Linux hosting.

Other significant different between these two hosting Is their price; Linux hosting is much cheaper than windows hosting. The reason is hide behind this fact that Linux hosting is open source, but windows hosting is available in case of buying license.

Question: What does server-host mean?
Answer :

Host is a space of your website in which the information of your site is. In fact, this space is located on the system of computer connecting to internet, so users can connect to space and visit your information.

Hosting companies providing host, renting host to different users and giving the users the opportunity of managing their space.

Bearing this hard fact in mind that users must rent host based on their technical need. As an example, Asp.net websites use MS_SQL, therefore host is rent according to this features.

Question: Why website is essential for every single enterprise?
Answer : According to the number of world internet users’ statistics, intern users is on increase daily. Due to this fact, it is blindingly obvious that apart from its popularity, internet has turn as a popular advertisement tool as well. Compare the price of advertising in other media and methods with advertising in the internet. You will get more information on this realm by calling to: +9821-88695724. Your website introduces the product or services around a clock, so not only, you can achieve by far more interests and benefits, but also you are always one step ahead from the rivals.
Question: What is Domain?
Answer : Every single website in the internet has a name that is called Domain. In other words, you can present your website in the internet by your selected Domain. Each domain contains of two parts: first part is main name of domain (fully-qualified domain). The second part of domain is top-level domain has diverse kinds such as .org, .net, .com and... you have to select your top-level domain based on kind of your company, organization or work field. To register your domain, it is needed to send your request to domain companies.
Question: what steps are needed to create a website?
Answer : In the first step, you have to make a clear imagination of your goal and purpose of having a website. Make a decision about your goals and services that you want to present on the website. Having analyzed all the needed factors and information in your work field, a professional web design company implements all the needed steps in the rest.

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