The most resounding and effective way to maintain the users and have an effective marketing strategy is the ability of distinguishing requirements of clients to answer their needs.

1- The skill of providing information in term of user’s questions.
2- Searching about a request in the search engine
3- Visit the page result
4- Turn back to search mood and visit other page as long as the clicked page fail to feed you with information that you are looking for
5- Else, insert another group of keywords being much related to your request
6- Take a look at links and sites on the search engine’s results page
7- Seeking for the best result page due to your request
8- Doing a new search via new selected keyword group

Search engines have experienced a constant development during years. However, the main way of searching mood has seen a little change. In following, it is stated in detail:

Making an enjoyable experience for users in our websites, website are provided with well-worth reading context that feed the users instead of search engines. As a case in point, users are looking for a good result for the questions and requests, so your website will be most-visited website if users are feed by a good answer in your website. As a result, offering users beneficial information in line with their request is of the essence.

What are users looking for usually? There are three kinds of request in general:
information about search engine
bullet” Do” request, operational request: operational requests being done in following to a process, as an operation done by listening to a music.
bullet”Know” request, informational request: a search is done in order to get some information such as a name of restaurant or etc.
bullet”Go” request: go requests that are looking for an online resource as facebook, NFC or etc.

the first respect that search engine puts the website under question is the validity and the authority of your website. It puts your website under magnifier to get the behavior of users on your website to get the amount of user’s satisfaction with the website. The first responsibility of search engine is to retrieve sites according to the needed keywords and rank them due to the quality of content.

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what are the points of allocating time, source and attempt to SEO? a complete selection of useful and beneficial keywords aids websites perfectly introducing the content and making a clear vision of website to users. Besides, it would absolutely have direct influence on presenting the website with high rank in the search engine.

Google plays as a Guider from October 2014 via the conducted study by Comscore:

Google Website achieved the center part of searching in .U.S by 64.5 percent of the done searches. Yahoo ranked as the second search engine with 17.2 percent and Microsoft with 13.4 percent. (Webmasters show the percentage of Google traffic e higher than the real number)

20.3 billion of searches are implemented in America solely. Google websites records 13.4 billion. Besides, the percentage of Yahoo and Microsoft are recorded 3.3 billion and 207 billion subsequently.

the conducted search through Google is 67.7% of all the reaches, subsequently; Bing with 26.7% is taken as the second popular search engine.

5 top search engine statcounter deriving traffic to around the world:

 Google transfers 90.62 percent of traffic
 Yahoo transfers 3.78 percent of traffic
 Bing transfers 0.72percet of traffic
 Aak jeeves transfers 0.36 percent
 Baidu transfers 0.35 percent 

Searching the new yellow pages is as a result of one news report page in 2001:

the percentage of users using search engine to get information was 76       and 74 percent of people printed yellow pages.

Yellow papers have been recorded 57 percent and 44 percent was       ranked by traditional newspapers.

 67 percent and 23 percent of users used search engine for the sake of       getting local information and connecting to online social groups subsequently through 30days.

According to the robust body of PEW research has been done in 2011:

59% of internet users of 2011 is One third of search engine users in an       usual day.

 the number of people using search engine in a specific date is recorded 61 percent in comparison with those using internet for Email and other internet based works.
Billions of investor invested on online marketing based on Forster’s report in 2011 :

 Web marketing or interaction marketing is recorded about 77 billion dolor       in 2016.
this investment was 26 percent of utterly budgets of advertisements

the cogent body of research has been done by Slingshot SEO in 2011, shown the real rate of each click in high rank:

 first rank in Google search engine gets 18.2% of traffic
the second space achieves 10.1 percent of traffic, the third one and forth with 7.2%and 4.8% of traffic.
 9.66% of traffic allocates to the first link in the Bing
 the average number of CTR for 10 top links is 52.23% in Google and 26.32% in Bing.

according to a PEW online study in 2011:

There are some keywords that play prominent role for ranking your page.
This specific study explains about the way that high rank websites present the keyword, title and description in driving traffic and attracting user’s attention.
All these effective studies give us some beneficial information on search engine, ranking websites and web marketing


 Search is a known concept with approximately 20% improvement in a year.
 Search denotes as part of online and offline economic activities.
 Ranking websites and setting top pages as the first links on the result page is off the       essence.
Not only ranking as a top page in the search engine increases website traffic, but also       enhance the validity and authority of company or website.

Taking steps toward SEO is a fundamental issue to achieve targeted goals.
Whit no casing in a dubious, SEO forms the backbone of a succeed web marketing and most-visited websites.

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