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Having designed a website, updating web pages is of utmost importance. With no hesitation, a qualified website has a convention way to update and change its content, images and etc. thus, it is blindingly obvious that controlling website and adjusting its content, users need a CMS (content management system). Web design company provides clients with a CMS to give them the ability of updating the website.
Accordingly, web designs companies try to offer their clients a CMS, but in some cases controlling the content management system is hard and sets users in dazzling situation for the sake of its complicated and complex environment. Parsian Mehr web design company apart from offering the most professional web design to its dear clients, providing the content managers of website with a simple CMS to navigate straightforwardly the site.
Parsian Mehr CMS is divided into different sections, namely site content management, module management, administrators, site management, URL rewriting and etc.

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content management system (CMS) training

Although the designed web CMS created by Parsian Mehr is convenient to control and manage, Parsian Mehr web design company holds a training course to solve any minus delusion in line with the heart of websites, the CMS.
The CMS training course is not time consuming and user gets familiar with all the different parts of it shortly with no waste in time.
Additionally, users will be provided with image file and user information file to use the website support services.
Also, it is possible to contact Parsian Mehr’s web design team through phone as long as you coped with any problems in regard to CMS, they settle your problem in a blink of an eye.

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