Parsian Mehr makes a progress in your sales rate of products and services by setting up E-commerce plus making online payment available through different bank gateways. Experience a real concept of speed in your life, experience E-Commerce by Parsian Mehr.

 Commercial Technology Market
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Commercial Technology Market

commercial Technology Market has come in vogue among people around the world, the term of commercial technology market includes from transferring products or services via internet to online payment gateways. To illustrate, while all the commercial processes are done via web and internet, commercial technology has taken place.
the commercial technology market services of Parsian Mehr company:

Experts and designers of Parsian Mehr paved the way for those who do commercial technology and who are eager in commercial technology. Parsian Mehr by setting up online marketing and online payment provide you the real concept of commercial technology. Accordingly, Parsian Mehr online store has launched to be under service of our dear clients in a systematic form.
Accordingly, Parsian Mehr online store has launched to be under service of our dear clients in form a system.


visit some outstanding merits of Online Store:

- introducing products and services (presenting products images, brochures and complete information)


- Submitting or tracking your order. sale and invoice system

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- The availability of different online payment's method

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-The availability of choosing different methods of payment by the store manager and buyer (Online payments, online transfers, cash on delivery, credit, deposit accounts ant etc.)


- A fast complete and meticulous searching in store mall

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- The availability of saving complete information of customer in date base

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- Connecting to different online payment gateway

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- Flexible and powerful report system by diverse kinds of line graphs

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