Designing Organizational Intranet, content management System & Web-Based-Software:

The intranet mainly is used in managing and updating information and it is the database of an organization or a company. There are resounding advantages in using intranet instead of the traditional way (transferring information by papers), it saves plenty of time and money for companies.

Intranet Advantages:

Increase in sharing information and cooperating among employees
Employees’ availability to information disregard to its distance and unapproachable place
Improving the decision methods and the information usage
Reduce in expenditure of publication and paper
The same training course for all employee from employees to sale employees and etc.
No wasting time in Publishing, sharing and making information available to personnel
Improve and make a progress in employees’ collaboration to enhance teamwork
Obtaining a unified output and increment in output of employee’s activities

Parsian Mehr Organizational Intranet

Parsian Mehr organization intranet is one of web-based-software that can be used and operated in different sizes of organization. Organizational intranet shoulders the responsibility of information management. As a case in point, organizational intranet is a content management system made by Parsian Mehr company to address demands of organizations.

Intranet Facilities

Sending messages (SMS)
The Selected images
News and event classification
Link to the related sites
Managers’ messages
System’s members>
Publishing news to a specific or all members of your organization
Email hosting services: in this system members are able to send message to each other

Availability of Sending CC to other members
The availability of attaching file to messages
Adding name of sender and the receiver
Inserting date & time of messages
practical experience - Science Articles:
Rules of organization – the capability of categorizing rules as default rules

Availability of classifying rules based on topics
Presenting information and history
Capability of searching in rules based on a specific date, issue and etc.
Capability of uploading rules in HTML, DOC, PDF and… format by portal manager and capability of receiving them by users
Setting forms in specific categories
Setting Reports in specific categories
Download center
Contact number notebook

Capability of Classifying information due to information field
Feature of searching in contact number notebook due to personal information
Ability of inserting any kinds of information from notice to news on three parts; contact information of public, necessary and private
The availability of creating favorite list of user’s information on intranet
The capability of setting number of record information on each page

Frequently asked question
Press sector
Image gallery
And so on practical facilities…

system Technical information:

This system is created according to the latest technology of web programming by Parsian Mehr. Minor technical information of system is as following:
The system is made based on ASP.net405
The system’s programming language is C#
The Database used in this system is MS-SQL Server
This system is created by using AJAX technology

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