The significant role of website in marketing

The significant role of website in marketing

In one hand, website’s design and website’s environment play a significant role in web marketing and it can boost the website’s sales rate. On the other hand, an unsuitable design can destroy the web marketing. It is according to this fact that Web Design effects visitors and clients to stay in a page or no.
in fact, your website is window of your shop and as a representative of your company in the virtual world. Hence, the beauty and quality of web design turn into a prominent aspect, a professional website is needed to present your company, brand, products or services in the best design. Every so often, a professional graphic design is able to raise the output of website.
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maintaining website position, seo ranking

Website position stabilization (SEO Ranking)

it is blindingly obvious that websites attempt to transfer a message to users and visitors. The content of website must be understandable and transparent for users, so web designers, set the design of website according to page content. As a case in point, the content of website must be targeted about an issue to design the website relevant to that very issue. In fact, design is a complementary of content, with no relevant design to content, you fail to transfer message of the content to visitors. Visitors must receive the main concept of a web page by the firs visit.

image format in graphic web design

Generally, the images used in websites are JPG and GIF. JPG is the main format for images and GIF used as the main format for bottoms, logos and menus. Besides, There are two disadvantage points about JPG: Compressing images with JPG is time consuming and images may slightly lose their quality.

The effective role of image size in graphic design

websites indexed in personal systems with its web graphic, images and etc. while designing the website and inserting images in the website, you have to take this respect into account: firstly, users with low internet speed are the users of your website among all users, so index time takes a long time with huge graphic files used in website and they may leave the page before indexing. Hence, a great panacea for this problem is: keep the pixel, inch or…. of images low and keep resolution lower that 96 lines per inch.
In sum, a professional web design significantly improve the website and increase the popularity and output of website. Moreover, an excellent professional website attracts users to return back again. In spite of the fact that graphic design is important, it is a must to keep website graphic files low in order to decrease website’s index time.

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