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responsive web design

As the time elapsed, internet has grown in popularity in a resounding amount in comparison with bygone days. Smart phones had significant influence on boosting internet popularity, it is why internet popularity is on the increase. Besides, it is blindingly obvious that smart phone users will be denoted as another important group of internet consumers due to a constant increase in the number of smart phones.

It has been declared that wide array of people uses at least one cellphone being connected to the internet. In fact, surfing on the internet through smart cell phones has turn into a conventional issue and it is on the development. for instance, the number of smart cellphones is higher than the number of population in Britain; using internet via smart cell phone users will be higher that desktop users in forthcoming years.

According to increase in mobile internet users, websites must be designed perfectly to be shown accurately in the screen of mobile users as well. RWD or responsive web design has created to make all different mobiles or desktops users visit webpages in response to the size of screen or web browser one is viewing with.

To illustrate, responsive web design is a process of designing in which programmers pay painstaking attention to the mobile user friendly perspective as well as desktop user friendly feature of web pages. on a responsive web page, website is shown in a desirable size fitting to any size of screen.

the term responsive web design (RWD) has coined and developed by Ethan Marcotte.
And also we mentioned the concept of responsive web pages and the beneficial effects of it on mobile internet users in an article titled “the importance of responsive web page in future web design" which you can get more and more about less and less in line with this issue.

Parsian Mehr company is taken as one of the first web designing company in Iran, it undertakes designing responsive websites for those who are forward high rank in google search engine. In following you can observe the work sample of responsive web design has been done by Parsian Mehr :

Google Search engine due to the paramount role of mobile friendly respect, takes it into a cogent consideration and responsive websites takes priority over nonresponsive websites for google search engines. now web page responsive feature has taken as a trend in achieving high page rank. It is why the most professional websites are responsive to any size of screen.

in following you can visit some merits and advantages of responsive web page:

1 .the most flexible

flexibility of responsive webpages- responsive web page advantages

Responsive web design gives the website the possibility of fitting to any dimensions of screen. In fact, a responsive website changes in size according to the screen’s resolution.

2. Excellent practical experience

responsive web design advantages

In spite of the fact that the content of websites plays as a tropical feature and the availability of website’s content can be taken as a primer aspect of a qualified website, being responsive and fixed to user’s screen are important as well. Page content must be shown in size of user’s screen to keep its rich value.

3. Sounds fair and good in price

owning one responsive website’s advantages are much more than having two different websites. Apart from this, it is crystal clear that one responsive website saves you amount of money in comparison with creating two websites.

4. It is recommended by Google

Mobile friendly web design as well as desktop friendly web design (responsive web design) has been introduced as the best kind of design in designing websites, according to what has stated by Google.

5. Transparent management

Having two separate websites fitting to desktop and mobile are in requirement of separate management on their content and SEO. Hence, getting the advantages of responsive web design to create one website for both desktop users and mobile users is much more straightforward.

6. Get off the duplicate content

Do you have not a responsive web page; you are under the great dangerous of being duplicate content. Thus, responsive web design is the best panacea for solving this harsh problem.

7. Increase your website’s google mobile rank

 increase in google mobile rank -1

Responsive web design and mobile- friendly algorithms improve your website’s google page rank

in your point of view, how will be web design in future!!

web design in future
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