Search Engine Optimization & SEO Services:

SEO services are provided according to the latest Trends of google search engine by using the experience of the expert team of Parsian Mehr web Design Company.

What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization:

Indeed, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is prerequisite process in order to make your website visible and obtain high-ranking in search engine result page.

SEO services make a progress in your website’s rank in search engine to increase the opportunity of being visited according your related keywords. The term Keywords in SEO means those vocabularies that visitors and users do search in line with it in Google, Yahoo and facts, Google search engine list website based on keywords and show the most relative website to visitors according what they have searched. The vast majority of searches are done in Google by 65 percent. Thus, it is an ignorable fact that Google plays a prominent role in ranking your website. Accordingly, google has selected trends and methods to inspect the web pages to list them due to websites quality. Hence, website owners endeavor competitively to achieve higher rank and position in google search engine by approving google rules and methods.

Although SEO services follow google's rules, These Trends and ways are regularly changeable, so its result fails to be guaranteed for a long time. Three fundamental concepts and structures of google are:

Content as well as Design
Technical Issue of website
Quality of website

Parsian Mehr Web Design Company has achieved high reputation in providing SEO services, its succeed is output of many years experience in web optimization and increasing google websites's rank based on keywords of different work fields. boosting your website rank in virtual world, you can call to expert counselor of Parsian Mehr.

Advantages of SEO

SEO is redolent of the most important technical aspect in web design. In spite of the fact that a rich content and beautiful design are paramount aspects in web design, they are not enough to be shown in search engine result page. presenting identity of your website as much as possible in virtual world has beneficially direct effects on your profit, you have to measure every single respects to make your website, brand, company or... visible otherwise your page will be visited by no one. In other words, the skill of presenting your website as one of 10 top websites in search engine result page is essential to achieve a complete success.

What does improving search engine ranking mean?

It is reported that 85% of searches is done in diverse search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bingo and…, By inspecting the behavior of visitors, it has been shown that 65% of users and visitors click through 1 to 3 first pages of search engine result page to answer their questions and needs. it is why SEO is of Utmost importance. In following, the primer merits of SEO are stated:

Increasing click through page rate by using the related keywords to your work field on your website.
Increasing website visitors number that has significant influence on enhancing traffic of your website. more website traffic leads to wine more benefits; more sales, noticing your services and introducing your products to greater number of people.
Achieving high reputation and great validity for your company name and brand. Much better position in comparison with your rivals.
Targeted advertisement being much cheaper and most steady in comparison with other ways of
advertising to introduce your services, products and brand to the world.

Although SEO (search engine optimization) can be taken as the main way to achieve a great search engine ranking, it is in great need of expert knowledge and plenty of time to get a desirable result. To achieve top position in search engine result page in line with a specific keyword, approximately 3 to 6 months is needed.

SEO serviced Provided by Parsian Mehr are consist of:

rate of rivals in search engines
Searching and investigating the needed keywords of clients
Providing standard content before creating website based on search engine rules
Web Design according the latest standards of search engine and google algorithm
Introducing to varied search engines; Bing, Yahoo, Google plus other types of search engine
Holding long term and short term strategies in order to manage Hyperlinks and get high quality back-links.
Analyzing statics of webpage visitors and click through pages in a specific period of time

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