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Writing and developing worth being read web content related to your work field is specific and outstanding services of Parsian Mehr company. As a case in point, Parsian mehr web content service is provided to increase your page rank and visibility in the search engines.

web content provision:

It is a forgone conclusion that importance of web content is greater than design in SEO and it forms the backbone of your search engine rank. Additionally, it is an orthodoxy fact that content is taken as a King in search engines, google and other search engines inspect websites according to keywords in the web content. Therefore, your web content must be created and written base on accurate and suitable keywords to achieve a great rank in the search engines. The selected keywords and content must be chosen based on what visitors search, in fact you must pay painstaking attention to demands of your users and select the web keywords in a way to answer their needs. 80% of your web page rank is in great need of a perfect web content, so web content is critical to be magnified.

6 significant features of keyword in web content:

      -  It must cover the main concept of your work field in the website
      -  Keywords must be selected according to the needs of users (the most words that users do search about)
      -  Keyword and title of webpage must be related
      - your selected keywords must be used in your web content professionally and naturally
      - in spite of the fact that keywords are essential in raising your SEO rank, it must not be used repetitively. Repetition of keywords and phrases can reduce your search engine          google rank
     -  content of website must maintain its value in conception and keyword wise

Due to critical performance of web content in Search engine optimization , Parsian Mehr provides clients with a valuable and desirable web content production.

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