Website Traffic Statistics and Google Analytics

Website Traffic Statistics

Website traffic statistics and google analytics are of utmost importance and managers take meticulous consideration to this. Setting up website statistics system aids you see exactly what is happening on your provides you with beneficial information such as diverse graphs to enhance your SEO website :

The ability of comparing visitors number during different days and different period of time, observing the average spared time by visitors on your website (the exit rate) base on time unit and comparing the exit rate during different days. Additionally, it is possible to compare page visitors number of your different pages in detail to improve your CTR (click through rate).

web traffic -1
web traffic

The related Keywords to your website (Query), the keywords that your website was created based on them
Get detail information on acquisitions of your webpages, observing the Cities and countries of your users
Comparatively and separately statistics of your traffic website
Receiving statistical reports throughout your selected time and inspect visitors’ behavior
Presenting the traffic sources of your website, as google search engine, internet directory plus the backlinks of your website (referrals)

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