Domain Authority

Domain Authority

1. linking with different domains
Domain authority is assessed and checked by Moz company according to some factors; quality and value of links in your website, domain age and the number of signals achieved into social apps. To illustrate, a website with 200 links can have lower value than a website with 50 links from different domains. In other words, a website with higher external backlinks means that this website is important for other websites quality wise. Your website is one of the valuable websites that worth being linked, so it has indirect influence on increasing your DA (domain authority).

2 . mozrank : moz
Mozrank of a website is assessed by the website’s link information and website is ranked from 1 to 10. However low the rank is, it has lower value. Mozrank can be increase by having valuable links to the website, lower number of links being worthwhile has greater effects on Mozrank in comparison with far more links in low quality.

3. Moztrust : moz
Moztrust in similar to mozrank with a different point, Moztrust evaluate the validity of the received external links. moztrust measures the validity of given links by measuring a form of link equity that is tied to the truthfulness of the linking website. as a case in point, if the external links of your websites link to other worthwhile website, as Wikipedia, it would have beneficial effects on your website Moztrust rank.

4. Content quality
The quality of content forms the backbone if SEO rank. High quality content attract more users and your website gets more backlinks from different domain. so it is crystal clear that content quality under shadows domain authority.

5. Social apps Signals
this respect is one of the points that can increase or decrease your domain authority. social application’s signals, the sharing number and the like number that your article receive on the social application platforms, are associated factor in effecting domain authority. In other words, do people share your article in a social application, it means more users liked it, so domain authority goes high.

6. Search engine optimization
By SEO increase the visibility of your website in the search engines, so greater number of people would visit your website and as a result the domain authority goes higher and higher.

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