Mobile-Friendly” label in mobile search result“

Google started dropping Mobile-Friendly label in mobile search result for the website  with this feature.

Mobile-friendly website

After many years of attempts, Google has established Mobile-friendly label in search engine result page to help mobile users in clicking through the websites being mobile-friendly. Google named these websites with mobile-friendly label under their URL address.
Google has announced that this labeling system of websites will eliminate the boring experience of mobile phone users on incompatible websites with mobile phone.
Moreover, Google is working on the new algorithms for ranking mobile-friendly websites.
In following you can observe a sample of mobile-friendly label that has been assembled officially, the shape and appearance of this label may see a change in forthcoming period of time, bear in mind.

mobile-friendly website -1

How to create a mobile-friendly website, Google has declared following tips to achieved the mobile-friendly label of Google:
- Avoid using the software not working well in the mobile phones, namely Flash.
- Using a suitable font style for web content to easily read it in mobile phone’s screen with no need to zoom.
- Use a mobile-first responsive to provide users with a suitable web content size according the size of user’s screen.
- Set a suitable distance between links on the website, users of mobile phone are able to touch the links with no hassle.
How Google find out the experience of users in the website? Google has set a selection of tips and factors to test and examine the experience of mobile phone users according to that very methods. Furthermore, Google has widespread some reports from mobile-friendly factors to help the managers of website in creating a website with no problem mobile-friendly wise.
In addition, Google strongly recommend to use the new mobile-friendly test tool and study the factors of mobile-friendly element in Google.

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