Web Design History

the term web design is output of multiple parts, as graphic, layout, content management system as well as search engine optimization which they are in great need of various skills, technologies and experts. web design carries out a plan in creating and building every single website; to be visited by internet users.
Answering internet user need, web design group takes the latest standards and keeps up the website quality high.

Web Design History

In spite of the fact that web design is a new technology and the date of web design does not go far, the history of this term is associated with different people’s attempt around the world.

Advent of Website and Web Design  

Tim Berners Lee was the first one starting the first web design in 1989. creating the first annual website took along for 2 years, from year 1991 to year 1993.
At one time, internet included some texts and images being interesting and amazing for people, with no graphic and multimedia.
Mosaic was the only browser showing images and texts. Subsequently, W3C, the world wide web consortium, was founded in 1994 to ensure long-term growth of the web and it is the main international standards organization for the web design world.

The First Web Design Company

Netscape communication was the first web design company that it dates back to year 1994. Simultaneously, Netscape was provided as a browser. They implemented their own ideas on websites without taking universal standards into consideration.
It was the first conflict between Microsoft and Netscape since 1996 to 1999. Both of them were the most expert at one time. They started a competition over dominating browsers and this competition leaded to the improvement in web design, as CSS effecting websites appearance and design.
It can be said that the struggle between browsers leaded to web design improvement and development.

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