how search engines works

Search engines have two primer operation: first, web crawling and second is indexing the websites to show on the search engine result page.

web crawling
 web crawling 2

Take search engine as a container of myriad stations, each station is a unique station with its own links and content, search engine crawls each station separately through their links and pages to analyze.

the structure of internal links in connecting all the different pages at the same website

Google that has been known as a spider has the availability of crawling in all the websites through links to visit them. In fact, google spider involves getting a complete information on website from page title to any other pages that it links to. Subsequently, google copies the pages in a huge databases and retrievals them where a user query fetches a list of relevant pages in less than a second. Although the time of process from storing up website’s information to retrieving them in user’s system is in blink eye, Google endeavor to shorten this taken time. In order to store and save the wide arrays of pages, huge data bases are created throughout the world by google. The huge data base, known as spanner, immediately answers every single search has done by internet users. In fact, Google’s data base boosts the speed of retrieving the information being the most related pages according to user’s demands.

Search engine answers the result of every single searches by inspecting more than billion websites. in fact, search engine includes of infinite documents, in first step google turns back those documents, websites, web pages or images, that are beneficial in line with the searched keywords, in the second time these documents are ranking in order of preference and relevance. nowadays, in ranking the webpages, the related websites take priority over any other trends in search engine result page (SERP). SEO has turn into flourishing aspect in achieving high rank. In facts, SEO provides website owners with some useful trends to find better ways in order to get valuable result.

how search engine gives priority over websites?

it is blindingly obvious that websites with high reputation lies in high rank in search engine result pages. It is due to this fact that search engine gives priority over pages due to the user’s experience on the websites. In other words, more user friendly, more popularity on search engine.
Giving priority over the most beneficial and related websites is done based on accurate mathematic equations and algorithms by search engine. categorizing the rich websites as the top pages on SERP and separating them from poor one, search engines put websites under magnifier algorithm wise. as a case in point, it rewards pages with the right combination of ranking factors, algorithms.

How to rank high in search engine?

probably, the complex algorithm of search engines makes you guess that search engine is impenetrable and incomprehensive, but search engine optimization, SEO, trends aid website owners to rank high in search engine and drive more traffic to the website. in following you can track on SEO and ranking high on search engine’s trend

Webmaster as a SEO Guidance

Ranking high in the search engine, Google offers some tips:

1- create the web pages for users instead of Google’s search engines. In other words, do not use cloaking technique which the content presented to search engine spider is different from that presented to user’s system. Your website will penalize and no longer appear in search engine as long as search engine recognizes cloaking in your website.
2- each page must contain at least one link, Google search engine need to access to all content of your websites, so your website is in great need of crawlable link structure to let spider browse your website from first page to the last one.
3- create a valuable content with a suitable environment and surface for the website to be shown accurately in user’s browsers. Besides, it is better to mention the title of your content with ALT features.
4- optimizing URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is as one of ranking factors, use keywords in URLs and make them easy to understand. A well-crafted URL conveniently transfer the message of URLS about its destination page. More notably, create canonical links in your websites to prevent duplicate content issues.

SEO Guidance of Bing Webmaster

Bing engineers at Microsoft, advice following SEO guidelines to rank high in Bing search engine:

create a clear URL address being valuable keyword wise.
check the website content to certain about the visibility of your content in search engine, often some contents hide in Java Script, ajax or …
3-create rich content being well worth reading and update your website to upload new content constantly. The created content is better to contain a suitable and sufficient number of keywords.
4-do not insert any text in images, for instance get sure that the address of company is not shown on image or logo of website.

Do not get worry about!
SEO is output of 15 years hard endeavor and many years searching about search engine and how to rank high in the google search engine.
Surprisingly, most search engines have predilection for these attempt of SEO groups. Myriad Conferences in line with Expo Pubcon, search engine strategies, Distilled and SEOmoz and ... are held that they inspire well-experience engineers and managers of big search engines. Apart from these worthwhile conferences, representatives of search engines aid webmasters and online companies in the blogs, forums and groups.

to test the conducted exploration in term of search engine’s behavior, there is no space test to see the net result of them. Hence, testing some new ideas that there is no confidence on their truth, puts webmaster and other company Based SEO under strain and pressure and it can spoil their attempts. However, the net result of these ups and downs is beneficial information regard to rank high in the search engines.

1-set up a new domain with senseless keywords (as

2-create some pages with the same aim of a stupid topic (as woodentrip)

3-using different acquisition for your content, different keywords, link structure and… make similar pages with only one distinct feature.

4-use the links in different parts of your page to mention other pages of your website.

5-record the behavior of search engine and your page rank

6- take minor changes and adjust into serious consideration, they can play as a search engine ranking factors.

7- any changes and results have influence on other domains and websites, record all the changes, if you get the same result in testing multiple diversities and different adjustment in the pages, there is possibility of finding one google search engine’s algorithm.

exercise attention to one example of test:
In this test, we took the weight of a link, on top of the page, higher than a link in the bottom. We tested these practice in the 3different pages of a meaningless domain. Having shown these pages in the search engine, it blown up that the linked pages from the top link on home page, achieved higher rank.

it is not the only process in SEO training
Competitive inteliligence in term of Google search engines and the way of sorting information are created by the biggest search engine in the united states. The most popular and well known system for ranking high in the related data base called Patent #6285999 is developed by Google in hostel of Stanford in the last 1990. The algorithms of optimizing a website is complex for many web based companies and made them confused in accepting the algorithms although the real algorithms are interesting science wise. on the other hand, there is no need in practical exercise for SEO test.

in following you can enjoy the clear exposition and practical explanation of SEO practices in detail.

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