Why Search Engine Marketing is essential

One of important features in search engine optimization is the perspective of creating a simple and convenient website. Make your website simple and undetectable for users and search engine is off the essence. Although search engine has made a big progress, it fails to upload and index website as a human. Therefore, create the algorithms and webpages of the website as simplest as possible to eradicate any doubts and mistake SEO wise.

The most common issue on SEO:

No intelligent engineer builds a search engine ranking websites according to some fix rules and algorithms. One acceptable search engine has the ability of retrieving the most related website with high quality content among all the complex and simple algorithms of websites.

But bear in mind...

Imagine you see an uploaded image of a small cat on the website, you visit the image as a cute small cat. However, the problem pops up when search engine fail to visit the images as like as human!! Although search engine is very complex and developed, it is not able to get the concept of image and perceive it. It is the very place that SEO plays a significant role in helping search engine getting a right perception of images and etc. in fact, SEO provides webmasters with the opportunity of setting “keys” for search engine to achieve a sense of understanding in whatever is undetectable for search engine.
The limitation and ability of search engine, both help creating a crawlable and understandable algorithm for both users and search engine. As a case in point, Without SEO your website is invisible in the search engines.

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X3 limitations

according to what is stated on Session One, the biggest and most common search engines operate based on the same main method. Search engine crawls the website though links to all the pages of website and copies the content of each page in a huge database. It inspects and craws the pages by relying on a wonderful Artificial Intelligence. It has been announced that the modern search engine technology is not completely powerful. Technical limitations lie in the modern one bringing divers problems in ranking websites.

Indexing and Crawling Problem 

Search engine fails to index the content of forms on the website and it takes the forms such as enter form as an empty page. Besides, the websites with CMS (content management system) create repetitive version of pages, search engine are looking for the main original page instead of the newest versions. Any errors in indexing the pages and crawling the links (robot.txt) might completely set search engine block.in addition, Weak connection may keep your content hidden and unreachable for search engine.

Non-text content interpretation

picalthough search engine saw an improve in reading non-text content, indexing media is not          easy for search engine.
pic getting the perspective and concept of images, photos, videos, content in Flash format is          difficult for search engine

A Domino in website

SEO two perspectives in website and search engine: firstly, making the website user friendly and optimizing web marketing. You may create a beautiful and professional website, but it is hidden in search engines. It is why SEO is utmost importance in designing websites.

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The web Pages of your website are like a Domino, all the pages in the website must be connected to each other like a domino game, unless they are unreachable for search engine and they are hidden for search engine. As a case in point, search engine scroll from one page to another page of your website through the links, like a domino, so internal link for all the webpages is off the essence.

site page

10 websites are ranked due to the web content quality, and the power of user attraction. In the first to third position, resounding amount of traffic drives to first three websites. Subsequently, competition in achieving fist rank goes higher and higher. Websites and company try their best to get on the first page of search engine result page.

SEO Vision From The Past to Future

Web marketing dates back to 1190 while the trends of ranking high in search engine were keywords, meta tags, title and anchor. As the time elapsed, in year 2004 creating spam links to websites and creating anchor like a long-tail keyword derived by far more traffic to websites. After passing 7 years, in year 2011, optimizing websites due to primer and main key of search engine came into web design world. Forthcoming years is blurred, but what is clear and default for search engine is the change in strategy of ranking the website.

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