basics of search engine friendly design and development

Designing website and search engine optimization are in great need of multiple factors being not fix and stable. In this section we put technical aspect of web design under magnifier.

indexable content

Indexable Content

it is significantly important that your contents perform perfectly in search engine. HTML files are the most suitable format to be certain about the presentation of all the content in the search engine. The other kinds of file that are non-text content files, as Flash, Java applets are hidden and invisible in the search engines. Hence, there are more advanced methods for those who are looking for more visual formats:

- Images in jpg, gif or png have the permission to use “alt attributes” in HTML and HXTML documents, so search engine receives a description about the image and   renders images similar as like as a text.
- Search tools is going to be complete by indexable and crawlable links
- Java and Flash plugins containing text, are able to present on page.

To help your multimedia; images, videos or sounds appear in Google, create a descriptive text like alt tag or caption and upload them in high-quality.

flash website

"I created a nice Flash website, but google fails to perform it." What is wrong?

how search engine takes our website? Search engine point of view:

There are myriad websites that have problem in indexing in Google. To solve this delusion there are some tools to show you a view of your website in the search engine. It is possible to check your website in these tools, as Google cash, or Mozbar. Or take look at “Google’s txt cach of thos page you are reading now” to see how does the website look like and how different the website performs in the search engine.

poor or weak link structure puts search engine into trouble, search engine is not able to index and crawl all the web content and it may take the content of a bad link structure as uncritical or secondary page.

flash website
flash website -1

wow! Does search engine see us like this!!

Google Cash provides us with the ability of visiting our website as like as they way that Google visits our website. The home page of is not like what do we expect. Thus, indexing such this website is harsh and impossible for Google.

flash website -2
flash website -3

It is shown just some monkeys and just the title of page , where are other pages!
Again by using Google cash we see that the website is deplete with content and links. But what is the reason!! This website is complete made by Flash technology, without HTML document the website would not be rendered by Google. Accordingly, Using SEO tools to check the visibility of websites and web content is off the essence with no cashing on dubiousness.

a crawlable link structure

Not only indexing web content is important in websites, but also indexing links are paramount in it as well. An crawlable link structure gives the search engine the ability of crawling all the webpages of the website one by one. Consequently, it is essential and all the pages of a website without a suitable and standard link structure would not list on Google.

In following the reason is explained:

link structure seo
link structure seo -1

In the example Google spider render page “A” and gets two links to page “B” and “E”, but if the page C and page D were important, Google spider would not find any link to them. So page C and D would not be indexed by Google and they would be invisible for Google. These problem is for the sake of lack of crawlable links between pages. Although the page content is rich and great keywords and web marketing are used in pages, website’s rank would not change in a case that Google spider could not render those pages.

link structure seo -2

The inserted image on top illustrates a link structure, links could contain Image, content, and other objects. In last example user is navigated to another page by clicking on link, so links gives users the ability of surfing form one page to another page. The main concept of link is “Hyperlink”. Link referral location defines the destination of link for search engine. In this example: is the target of this link. The visible part for users on the website is called “visible/anchor text “that is a sentence, image or any object explaining the link. In following, tag is denoting as the end of link. In other words, to make an end to the link, tag is Written at the end of anchor text. It is the basic structure of link being understandable and crawlable for search engines. Search engine crawls, indexes and ranks the page of links separately.

   let’s take a look at the factors in invisible
   or hidden pages in the search engine:

Frame or iframe

In technical point of view, links in both fames and iframes are crawlabel and in both environment link structure is acceptable by search engines. By a good sense of understanding in link structure, and indexing the links, you can use frames and iframes. However, if you are not a professional user in link structure, it would better keep distance from frame and iframes.

Links in Java Script is uncrawlable

the created links by Java Script language are not crawlable in search engines. You have to replace HTML links with Java Script links.

The blocked links in robots.txt

Meta Robots tag and the Robots.txt gives web site owners the ability of limiting search engine’s availability in areas of the website. in other words, you can set a limitation on webpages of the website not to be processed or scanned in search engine. Apart from this, some webmasters use Robot.txt to limit availability of implausible people as well.

Many links in the web pages

search engine indexes and crawls myriad links not infinite links. Accordingly, keep the number of links in webpages low to maintain your page rank. Pages with more than one hundred link is in great danger of being hidden and invisible in search engine.

The needed forms in presenting information

there are some cases that you need the users full some forms with specific information on your website, it is the possibility of being invisible in the search engines. Forms can be protected by user name or password, in general, search engine fails to attempt indexing or reading the forms. Consequently, content or links in forms are hidden in search engine.

Robots do not use search forms

some webmasters have a great faith in this fact that by creating search forms on the website, search engines are able to crawl every single page in the website. Unfortunately, it is a false believe, pages are hidden in search engine until creating a link from a crawlable page to other unlinked pages.

links in Flash, Java and other pugins

all the links in flash, Java as well as other plugins are invisible in search engine. Google and other search engines are not able to scrawl the created links and pages made of Flash, Java and plugins.

if you follow these rules and take these aspects into consideration, you would have a clean and great HTML document being reachable for search engines.


It is possible to use Rel="nofollow" in following syntax:
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Lousy Punks!</a>
Links have specific features, but search engines warn the web designers in using rel=nofollown feature in links. This feature states that website owners do not want to index the link like a usual link. In other words, it instructs search engines that the link should not influence the rank page of the link’s target in search engine.

Are nofollow links hurtful?

a usual page contains lots of links separating into internal links and nofollow links, it is not bad or useless respect. In fact, the factors of ranking high in SEOmoz has shown that high page rank used nofollowed linkes in greater number in comparison with lower page rank.

Using keywords and targeted words

keywords are important in searching process – they form the backbone of searching in search engine. In fact, all the implemented searches in the Google are based on keywords. To illustrate, Search engine indexes and scrawls the web content throughout the world, so the web content are retrieved based on keywords. Accordingly, search engine instead of keeping 25 billion web pages in database, has millions of smaller databases that each one is allocated to a certain and specific keyword. It is why, retrieving information in line with a specific term is in a blink of eye.
As the result, if you want to present information on Flower, the term of flower must be a part of your indexable content on the website.

behavior of Google in the most situations

Google does not follow the nofollow links and does not influence the page rank of nofollow links. Besides, Nofollow links are not taken as HTMl documents in search engine, so they do not carry any weight. In addition, although nofollow links have no advantages ranking wise, they can be taken as a sample of trust in your website by linking to popular and famous websites.

Bing and Yahoo!

Bing that provides users with the Yahoo ‘s information has announced that nofollowed links are taken by search engine spiders as a way to index new pages. so, unfollowed links do not influence page rank in Bing.

seo content keyword

Keyword’s influences on search engine

Keywords have direct effects on the search engine purpose and they have interaction with search engines, as an example, a usual sample of searching is as following:

when a search is conducted, search engine finds some website according to the used keyword in search box. Search engine offers the most related websites and rank them due to keywords, dictations, upper or lower case of words, and etc.

To help in search engine process. There are some ways increasing search engine speed and page rank. Using keyword in a targeted way aids both websites and search engines. Website owners by using keywords in titles, meta tags and content increases the page rank in search engine result page and help search engines to index conveniently the web contents.
As an umbrella term, your competition in achieving high page rank would be straightforward, if your keyword be far more specific. For instance, if the keyword is “Book”, undoubtedly you have couple of rivals in your domain area in comparison with a specific one, “story book of the way of cities”. So, websites compete hardy with each other for the specific and exact keywords.

By online search engine, web site owners lavishly used keywords in a useless and extraordinary way in meta tags, links, and etc. unfortunately this method’s disadvantaged outweigh its advantages. Since, huge amount of keywords is saved in URL, meta tags and content.
Nowadays, although search engine is not able to perceive a text as like as human, they put stress on using keywords in a natural way by using machines.
Accordingly, the best exercise to put it into practice is trying to use naturally keywords in web content. for instance, if your keyword is “watch” try to use “watch” in the related web content. If you use “watch” in an unrelated page, you would spoil your attempt in ranking your page because of using unrelated keyword on your web content.

Keyword Density!

Using keyword method is not a modern strategy in ranking high, according to Dr. Edel Garcia.
Imagine D1 and D2 contain of 1000 (I=1000) phrase and we use 20times a phrase (tf=20), now a keyword density analyzer tells you that document keyword is KD=tf/l=0.020 or 2%*KD. The same number returns with tf=10 and L=500, so analyzing keyword density fails to clearly determine the most relevant document. such as :

Distance between keywords in documents
Keyword density in document
Duplicate content
Title, H1, H2 and …

page optimization

it has been announced that keyword strategy denotes as a method in optimizing the web pages. we put it under magnifier by testing keyword strategy in SEOmoz website, the net result of it was as following:

    Use once keyword in meta tags at max and try to use it in start of sentence.
    use keyword in page title.
    Use keyword 1to2 times in body of web content and in if your text is long, use more keywords in a neutral and divers ways.
    Use keyword once in alt attribute to help google drive more traffic to your website and it is useful in searching image.
    Use keyword once in URL and follow URL rules.
    Use keyword in description, although using keyword in description does not have any influence on ranking the website, it has effect on increasing click through your pages.
    Do not use keyword in anchor text, you get more information in line with it on blog spot web page.

To sum up:

Keyword density concept is different from content quality and web page connection.
How is an optimized page!! How do we follow keyword density rule in a webpage! the image inserted below is a tangible example of an optimized page based on “Running shoes” keyword:

keyword density

Title tag

Title tag is essential in search engine optimization and usability Title tag is a short and clear text describing the issue of page content.
In fact, title tag displayed on search engine result pages (SERPs) as a clickable headline for a given result, so increasing page rank and page traffic, it is of utmost importance to write a worthwhile title SEO wise. In following, the most vital tips about Title tags are provided:

Title long

65 to 75 character is displayed in the search engine result page and the rest is shown” …”. hence keep your title tag between 65 and 75 to transfer a clear message to internet users. Besides, read following tips, if you have to write long title tag to transfer a message.
Write important keywords in the beginning or at the start of your title tag.
The chance of clicking through your page would go high, if the important keywords are stated at the start of title tag.

Using your commercial name

it is better to end up the Title tag with the website or company’s commercial name, according to SEOmoz. Bringing the commercial name in the title tag will make it known for internet users and definitely it effects the click through page. Sometimes, bringing the commercial name in the beginning of title tag is a logical method, for instance bring the commercial name in beginning of home page’s title tag.

Think about the effects and influences of title tag on users.
Title tags must be clear to understand. Creating an understandable title tag is important to inspire internet user click through your page. although keywords must be stated in title tag to influence search engine, title tag must be written professionally to perfectly persuade users clicking your page. in fact, title that forms the back bone of your website because the first connection between user and the website is through title tag. Thus, taking title tag as a representative of your page is a critical aspect.

Your web pages shared in social groups, are presented by title tag. hence, write the title tag clear to transfer the concept of your web content and attract user’s attention.

seo title tag

Creating title tag being replete with keyword play a prominent role in search engine because 94% of title tags are stated in the most important areas to achieve high rank.

Meta tags

The porous of meta tag is creating a proxy about web content. In following some examples are stated:

Meta Robots

Meta Robot tag controls and navigates search engine’s spider through pages. There are multiple ways in using meta Robot tags to manage search engine behavior in different web pages:

Index / Noindex: as a default, search engine indexes all the pages, but using Noindex robot in a web page prevents the page from being indexed by search engine. (using index robot in webpages is unnecessary because all the pages will be including in the index list page as a default.)
Follow / Nofollow: this robot navigates search engine to crawl a link or prevent it from crawling a link target’s page in web page. in fact, nofollow attribute used not to influence the link target’s ranking page in search engine, as default all links in web pages are “Follow” as following: <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW">
Noarchive: search engine saves a copy of cached pages as a default. Noarchive prevents search engine from showing the cached links of pages.
Nosnippet: sometimes search engine shows the first part of the web content or URL in description, Nosnippet prevents search engine from not doing it.
Noodp / noydir: they are useful meta robot tags used in managing search engine result page. by using Noodp, a No open Directory Project, we request search engine to show other related result abour our website in other sources, as Yahoo, link ln and etc. vice versa, Noydir, No Yahoo Directory, prevents search engine from using other sources in a case that the related information of extra sources are outdated or a Non Html is similar to X_Robots tag in HTTIP.

Meta Description:

Meta Description plays as a summary of your web content, using keyword in meta description has not effects on ranking page in search engine, but it is a powerful tag to introduce your website and attract user’s eye.

meta Description is allowed to be 160 character, Search engine truncate the meta description being more than 160 characters as a default. However, sometimes it is better not to write meta descriptions, if the page is targeting two or three popular and most-visited keywords, it is wiser to let the search engine produces a meta description itself.

Meta Keyword

Keywords meta has been demolished by search engine and it is no longer be used in improving search engine optimization.
Meta refresh, meta revisit-after, meta content type and… slightly under shadow Search Engine Optimization, so they are located in webmaster tools instead of using in websites

URL Structure

URL, website address, are virtually important. In fact, URLs are specific in each website and it is the unique address of your website helping users find it in search engine. thus, creating SEO friendly URL helps your page rank.

user friendly Url

Although SEO friendly URLs being stated in search tool bar have minor effect on search engine, poor or weak URL structure leads a bad user experience.

URL structure guide

create the URLs as clear as possible, attempt to remove unnecessary words in URL, keep it as short as possible by using targeted words. URLs must be shorter than 2.083 characters.
A well-craft URL paves the way for both human and search engine to understand what the destination page will be about.

The role of Keyword in URLs

a well-craft URl contains some important keywords, but if you lavishly use keywords in URLs, it would list in Block URL list of search engine.
Keep up-to-date with ISTA
Keep URLs relevant and simple and should not use underscores, spaces or other characters as a word separator. Easily Create ISTA URls being straightforward to understand by using mod-rewrite technology in Apache and ISAPI-rewrite in Microsoft.
Use hyphens to separate words
Web browsers show the spaces lie in URLs as “20%”, “+” or “_” so user hyphen to separate words

Content Dublicate

Duplicate content is the common and the most annoying problem in websites, search engine reaction toward duplicate content is canonicalization. Canonicalization stamps from one more URLs with a same content. Not only duplicate content is harmful form search engine, but also it harms the SEO rank as well.

Search engines are sensitive about duplicate content and it avoids answering the users request with duplicate webpages, instead search engine attempts to feed users with the original one. accordingly, the web pages with duplicate content fail to achieve high rank.
Canonicalization is a process for converting or normalizing data with more than one URLs in search engine. Images a content, image or… is presented in three different URLs, which one is the original content and which diamonds are duplicated??

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