Web and Intranet consulting

recently, myriad of companies competitively endeavor to use the most advantages of web marketing for the sake of its marvelous and beneficial influence on sales rate. they try to sell their products or services on virtual world to complete their success. A constant successful web marketing apart from online advertising, is in great need of a professional website being able to introduce efficiently your product and company.

Designing website forms the back bone of high sale rate in most companies to the extent that company owners take painstaking consideration to web design and web related services. Consequently, managers use the latest provided technology in web based services to present and advertise their brand and product as constructive as possible

Specifications of this website (software package) are as following:

In virtual world attraction power of website in attracting clients and turning their interest up to buy is of utmost importance.

Parsian Mehr Company is proud of being expert in web design and search engine optimization services by taking the latest technology and utilizing adept work force. This web design company makes client’s expectation satisfy due to its many years of experience.

A track record of excellent websites such as website of leaders in industrial companies demonstrate the validity and skill of Parsian Mehr.

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