About Parsian Mehr

When it comes to talk about web design company, Parsian Mehr company denotes as a leader by using the latest technologies of the world in web design, SEO, web Marketing services and etc.

Parsian Mehr History

Parsian Mehr Web Design Company has established in year 2008 (Tehran – Iran) by targeting constant improvement in web design, web development and the related web based services being as the net output of many years experience and the knowledge of its sophisticated chief executed officer and skillful engineers.
Parsian Mehr holds an opportunity to offer the best services in line with Web Design, SEO and Web Marketing to perfectly address the demands of clients in different fields work.

Company Vision

Parsian Mehr deems its duty to provide the most desirable and professional technical services to make both organizations as well as companies satisfied by adopting the latest technologies and methods. 

Companies goals and ambitious

Getting the most advantages of the newest technology and methods in web design
Using the latest method and trends in line with SEO, Web Traffic Rank and high a good ranking in google search engine
Offering free consolation services in term of divers fields, Web Marketing, Advertisement, Online shop market and etc.
Achieving top position in web design and the related web based services
Stable progress in knowledge and development in technical skills to handle International projects

Parsian Mehr company structure

Increasing customers satisfaction and the quality of services
Improving the skill and the knowledge of managers and personals
Making a steady progress in improving quality and offering wide range of different Products
Improvement in making a great collaboration among personals of the company
Improvement in making a great collaboration among personals of the company
Development in answering client’s satisfactions and demands

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