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The number of people who are starting a new project in the digital world is far higher than last year. Unless you improve your work and show it to the world you will definitely last and your employees will start to suffer, so action must be taken urgently.
There is no doubt that the Website is one the best way to show your talent to people all over the world. After 20 years of experience in web design, we know all about your needs and the Parsian Mehr company should help you to Introduce your brand throughout your website.


Website Design - web design

Nowadays, webpages influence sales rate directly. In fact, websites have taken as a shopkeeper to offer products, to sell products, to provide after-sale services and the related services. The most prominent features of webpages include:

Noticing products and services to customers

Services and product page design

Investigating profit, merit and rank of products or company services

advantages of product page design

Connecting to customers to answer their questions, solving probability problems and hold a poll to Improve the Quality and the Number of Products or Services

connection between website and customers via website

Improving the company's connection with customers to raise the sales rate and attract more visitors by Word of Mouth Advertising

website advertising

Getting the Most Advantages of Advertisements by Beneficial, Constant plus Cheap advertising

online advertisement - website advertising

Spreading News and Penetrating in the New Commercial World

penetrate the world market via website

Compare our products, services and after-sale services with other web design companies to sense our adept

unique web design

Web design steps:

Designing websites are in great need of some steps that the precise implementation of these steps plays a prominent role in designing and utilizing the webpage. Hence, web design’s steps must be passed one by one by full attention. In following you can find out the role of web design’s steps:

1- Set up a Plan for your website purpose The first step in web design is selecting the goals of your webpage, making your website's goals and requirements clear is of the essence. In other words, All the needed activities of web design; information categories, programming and inserting information are based on your targeted goals and demands. The designed webpage would satisfy your needs and fulfil your purposes if you carefully do this primer step.

2- accurately classify information
users surf conveniently on your webpage by a precise information category. This step is based on recognizing needs and goals, information must be classified according to a method in which covers the whole of preferred demands, objects and strategies. therefore, your users and customers get the opportunity to straightforwardly find their needed information.

goal and demand of website

graphic design website

3- Design relative graphic for website
Obviously, the graphic of the website must be relative to the content and the goal of the website to transfer the correct message and show the website's goal. Due to this undeniable fact, graphic Designers create the most relative and suitable pattern and shape according to the kind of information and services that the website offers. Apart from this, beautiful shape and view of webpages form the backbone of website attraction in attracting visitors. in other words, a professional website is in great need of a beautiful and targeted design to drag visitors attention and sparkle their enthusiasms to visit your website regularly.

4-Site slice and converting a graphic to HTML codes
In this footprint, the HTML slicers convert the designed graphic page to HTML files then they hand it over to programmers for creating the webpage being based on HTML standard rules.

creating website - web design

5- Programming
Web design programming has multiple methods that it is essential to choose the best way and use the latest technologies according to your demands as well as your webpage’s requirements. Parsian Mehr is investigating and updating its software and the skill of its personal to get the most advantages of the newest technologies, facilities and methods in the web design world.
Additionally, updatable and adjustable features that are other remarkable capabilities of a perfect website are vital to answer your future demands.

6- Checking and Uploading Website

Having finished the project and the first step of programming, testing the web takes priority over the rest steps. By testing the website, probability problems can be recognized, so programmers take the fundamental panaceas to deal with such these errors and problems.

uploading the website

uploading website

7-Uploading website and Inserting Information
Having done the above steps, the designed web is ready to be uploaded and inserted information. In dynamic webpages and in the designed graphic platform, you are able to change information on the webpage whenever you want. inserting information on webpages designed by Parsian Mehr is transparent and any personnel of your company can hold the responsibility of inserting and updating information into your company website by passing only one short coarse held by Parsian Mehr for the song.

8-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
After successfully uploading the website on the internet, the issues of being recognized by google and being visited in the first page are important and they are dependence on the frequently searched keywords in line with your work field. Accordingly, the availability of users to your website is based on your keywords and google page rank. For the sake of its important role, Parsian Mehr has implemented some additional standards as default rules to enhance your website’s visibility as much as possible and a complete team helps you to improve and follow SEO strategies in order to increase your rank in google search engine.


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