Research and Development Department

Parsian Mehr endeavors to continually increase the quality of services by taking the Research and Development department into cogent consideration, web design company widen its knowledge and keep up with the latest technologies in web design, portal design and SEO.

Role of Research and Development in Parsian Mehr:

Research and Development Department in Parsian Mehr can be taken as a primer parts of this company. According to the fast speed of progress in technology, research and development Is essential to adept in the latest technologies of Web design, Portal Design, Organization Intranet, Editorial web services, Web marketing and other associated web based services. In Parsian Mehr company Research and Development department is divided into following sections:

conduct search on The latest techniques and trends in web programming language and software methodologies
content management system, Portal design, Web Design
optimizing the website for search engines due to the latest algorithms
increasing the security in the created systems and the designed websites
Updating and creating new module in the built software by Parsian Mehr
Geo targeting websites
Create and supply services in accordance with client’s requirement and culture

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