In spite of the fact that most of the foreigners think travelling to Thailand is in great need of high budget, traveling in Thailand and visiting its unique attractions are affordable. It is amazing to know how passengers and foreigners are able to pay less in, but enjoy more in Thailand’s famous cities as Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya and etc.
Thailand, the most beautiful western destination nowadays has become much more popular amongst tourists.it is an undeniable fact that Thailand is a sameness country for the sake of its picturesque view, landscapes, natural beauties and outstanding beaches.  It is why Thailand Tour has come one of the most-wanted travel tours for those who are keen on making true the dreams and experiencing a personal journey tinged with surprises. There are 5 keys helping tourist cut the costs of traveling in a significant amount and wisely manage the travel expenses besides having a holiday of a life time:
First and foremost, Do Not Drink Alcohol in Thailand
The cost of drinking alcohol In Thailand is high in comparison with the alcohol price in your home country. Not drinking alcohol is a panacea to save a great amount of money in traveling to Thailand. Instead of drinking alcohol try exotic Thailand beverages being authentic as well as delicious. 
Second way, Eat Street Food
It is definitely easier and cheaper than restaurants to eat healthy, delicious meals during the travel across Thailand. In restaurant you absolutely have to pay much money for the dishes that can be served in street food stalls. Hence, do not miss the chance of eating fantastic meals in Thai streets. 
Third way, Thai public transportation 
If you don’t have to have a long trip through Thailand cities, do not take taxi. Get 2nd class or third class bus Instead of taking taxi. For a long distance travel, you can use train which is much more reasonable in comparison with other public transportation. However, not changing frequently your destination in Thailand also is a factor in decreasing costs, bear in mind.
The forth, suitable accommodation in Thailand
You can easily manage your finances and budget your money during your travel to Thailand, if you book fan rooms instead of those equipped with air conditioning. Weather in Thailand is not that much hot, even if you don’t get used to hot weather, fan is sufficient for removing warm weather. By booking fan rooms you amazingly lessen the travel costs. 
The last but not least, the fifth way, have a careful itinerary travel
In advanced, get enough information on the most visited places in Thailand to know what makes you interest. Having a good plan cuts the costs since it prevents paying for less desirable attractions. Most famous Thailand attractions are: Phi Phi Island, Grand Palace, Ko Pha Ngan, Railay Beach, Similan Islands and etc. prior getting start your trip, select the sights you want to pay for. 
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