Beyond designing a website

what comes in your mind when thinking about website?

The beauty?

it is true that people denote web design as an art effect, but website is a digital tool for introducing services and products. The main concept of a beneficial website goes far deeper that its beauty, the concept of it lies in practical, website facilities and link structure.

In following the structure of a beneficial and practical web design is stated:

In web design, structure of website is of utmost importance. There are myriad ways and methods to create and build a website, as using CSS, PHP, HTML and other web based languages or using free an open-source content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress or joomla. all methods in designing website have both advantages and disadvantages and all of them differently effect search engine page rank.

the succeed of a website is in great need of being beneficial and practical

Conveniently tailoring and navigating the first-time visitors of website in a way in which users can easily reach to their destination on the website is the main feature of a beneficial website.

A web design company must be able to create the website map and link structures to aid search engine and users to crawl the pages conveniently.

readability feature of website

the feature of readability is another prominent aspect in designing website, black words and lines in white background is the most readable format.

interacting with website must be easy

the performance of a website is due to:

An accurate link structure without broken links
Getting sure about the availability of website’s downloadable files.
A beneficial website feeds users with the needed information in a short time.

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