the importance of font style in web design

Choosing the right Font style design can hugely improve your overall Web Design and make a resounding progress in your website’s user experiences to attract them and make them stay in your website.

It is of utmost importance to choose a readable and clear font style according to your web design to encourage users in following your web contents.

Top 10 popular font styles are as following:

10. Caslon

Caslon font style

9. Circular

Circular font style

8. Gotham

Gotham font style

7. GT Walsheim

GT Walsheim font style

6. Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic font style

5. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova font style

4. Apercu

Apercu font style

3. Avenir

Avenir font style

2. Futura

Futura font style

1. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque font style

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