Five years ago, I had a startup in Iran. I had no money like a lot of startups but now I am successful, so I decided to say more about my experiences for young people like me.
One of the biggest problems about owners of startups in Iran is to pick SEO or PPC. With teeny marketing budget, it’s harder because you already spend money on web design and put so much time in your project. First, I searched about google algorithms and that was so exciting for me. Secondly, I talk to Parsian Mehr web design company engineers and beginning to work with them for almost five years. Finally, I think I can help you with SEO and PPC.
In this page, I will explain how I decided between SEO and PPC.


SEO or Search engine optimization is a process that if you complete it, your website’s pages will be displayed in upper ranks in google. In Iran Google and Safari are the most important search engines.
One of the biggest parts of SEO is to figure out what Google wants from websites and then try to do those things on your website.
Based on the latest updates on google algorithms, content and inside links. It means you should do this basic woks on your website:
• Make organic traffic by best relevant content
• Designing the best keywords for your work
• Always update your website
• Make strong social media

Best things about SEO

Let’s look at the advantage of SEO:
• It’s cheaper in long-term
• Organic traffic has staying power
• Can help you to be on the best rank for many tears
• Cons of SEO
Now, here are some downsides to SEO:
• SEO contains unique content
• SEO takes time
• SEO is a process

What is PPC?

First of all, you should know that PPC means pay-per-click and it’s an advertising model. In PPC you will pay for clicks to your website, something like Google Ads.

Positive things about PPC

With all of these explanations, what are some advantages of PPC?
• PPC is very fast. With SEO you might need to wait days or weeks but PPC is so much quicker.
• You can play with different types of data
• PPC allows for quick experimentation and feedbacks
• The worst thing about PPC
• PPC is always expensive
• While PPC is easy, you can lose your website’s effectiveness
• You will lose money in the few months

Which one is better SEO or PPC?

It’s different on each business plan but I say you should promote commercial contents on your websites. Use SEO because if you will sell something on your website, you should work hard on present your best work on the internet and should have a digital marketing strategy.
Use SEO and PPC if have money at the beginning of your startup. We could help our customers in SEO progress. In the end, I think it’s better if you use Facebook and other social media to improve your website. Do not ever forget about retargeting, you should target visitors who have left your website.
Call Parsian Mehr web design company to get free pieces of Advice about SEO and PPC, also you can visit our portfolio to see some of our team works.

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